Christin Jaesch

My name is Christin Jaesch. Three generations of my family have been enjoying better health thanks to chiropractic. My grandparents were the first of our family to receive spinal adjustments, in our German homeland. In 2008 I came to Barcelona to launch my chiropractic career. I was part of the first class of the Master’s degree taught jointly by the Barcelona College of Chiropractic and the Pompeu Fabra University.

I grew up in a town of just 14,580 people, with the green fields of northern Germany right outside our front door. Nature is important to me, and in Sant Cugat it abounds. This is why I settled in Sant Cugat in 2014.

For five years, I substituted other chiropractors in Spain gaining experience. Finally, in February 2019, I opened the doors of my office on Calle Cerdanya No.8 in Sant Cugat, on the ground floor of the Ametller Origen Building.

From a very young age, my grandparents taught me to value and maintain the things that we appreciate — including our health, of course. Born in 1934, the programmed expiration of things was not in their vocabulary neither then nor now. They still ride their bikes around town!

Our body does not have a predetermined expiration date. It relies on the good maintenance we give it. Parting from this premise we can strive for improving our quality of life. Living better is possible, with chiropractic. This premise is what I am passionate about every day, adjusting the spines of my patients, and seeing how they evolve visit after visit. I enjoy it very much.

Recovering your health naturally is posible

Chiropractic spinal care is safe, effective, and scientific. My method of adjusting is professional, specific, and gentle.

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